809 Financial Education offers the following services:

Needs Analysis

Understand your learner and your learning outcomes. Answering the why question can make the difference between a foggy educational experience and one that moves people to achieve great things. 809 will do the analysis necessary to direct your project to uncommon success.

Instructional Design

Building an effective course depends on two things: (1) Knowing what works based on evidence of effectiveness; and (2) Creativity. 809 designs motivate and engage learners so that retention doesn’t stop with a final exam. We give learners knowledge that they will use.

Exceptional Writing

Did you know that a wall-street topic can be written using main-street language? If your mission is to make a difference in the lives of your learners, you better figure this one out. 809’s founder Steve Froikin has made a career doing this.

Subject-Matter Expertise

Financial education covers many topics. 809’s Steve Froikin has the background to write about insurance, investing, finance, taxation, small business, retirement, estate planning, and many related fields.

Project Management

Pull your projects together with a team approach. 809 will work with your teams to craft a project that will be economical, on-time, and superior quality.

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