Writing That’s Not Understood Is Worse Than Useless

Financial concepts are . . . well, usually difficult to understand. We in the financial education business accept that as a given. Our mission is to pierce the fog of rules and regulations and numbers. To accomplish this, three questions must be answered:

  • Who are we trying to communicate with?
  • What do we want them to learn?
  • Why do they want to learn it?

And the last question is key. This is a conversation. The more I know about why you are in the conversation, the more I can help you get what you need out of it. Are you a student, an investor, a sales rep? Each of these individuals have different expectations and different prior knowledge. Knowing this is essential to developing instructional materials that hit the target.

If you don’t hit the target, what have you done? You’ve wasted peoples time. You’ve conveyed erroneous information. You’ve put people to sleep or you’ve angered them.

* * *

809 Financial Education is dedicated to excellence in financial education. This is our first post. Come back again and we’ll continue the conversation.

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